DiRT Rally 2.0 Argentina - i3-7100 HD 630 | 220GE Vega 3 | A10-7890K R7

How well can the ageing mainstream integrated solutions from AMD and Intel handle DiRT Rally 2.0 and how do they stack up against the smallest Ryzen based Vega 3 on the rally stages of Argentina?

It shouldn't be a surprise that these integrated graphics solutions have a hard time coping with the latest games in 2019. Had to stick with 720p resolution and low quality preset, but upped the shader detail as the game looks terrible with the lowest option available. The Godavari powerhouse with its 8 compute units can hold off the Athlon 220GE. Hats off to Intel for such a quick game-ready driver release, can't wait to see how Gen11 IGPs perform, should be a huge step-up over Skylake.