Far Cry 5 Intro & Benchmark - GTX 960 | GTX 1050 Ti | RX 560

How do the current-gen entry-level GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD handle Far Cry 5 and how do they stack up against the GTX 960 - for the test the intro section and the built-in benchmark of the game was used.

The game runs without a hitch on all tested dGPUs, 1080p with High quality preset was used. Ubisoft partnered up with AMD, so Far Cry 5 features several AMD GPU specific optimizations. Thanks to that the RX 560 is able to trade blows with the GTX 960, especially in the in-engine cutscene sections.

The latest drivers with Far Cry 5 optimizations were used for both AMD (18.3.4) and NVIDIA (391.35). NV cards come alive in the outdoor sections, RX 560 favors the cut-scenes with many characters - included the built-in benchmark results as well.