Rise of the Tomb Raider The Acropolis - GT 1030 | RX 550 | Ryzen 3 2200G OC & STOCK

How does the Vega 8 inside the Ryzen 3 2200G perform against a budget rig sporting the RX 550 / GT 1030 in RotTR? The Foundation Engine is responsible for the visuals, it deploys many advanced rendering techniques that push the systems to their limit.

DX11 was the API of choice as DX12 didn't bring any additional performance. At 1080p and medium quality preset the systems were hovering below 30 FPS. Vega 8 gains more than 20% when overclocked and can match the GT 1030. The smallest Polaris-based dGPU comes out on top, but suffers from serious stuttering just after starting a level or loading a saved game.