Wreckfest December Update in Gravel 1 - GTX 970 | GTX 980 | GTX 1060

Bugbear has released the highly-anticipated December Update for Wreckfest, a major step towards a fully fledged product. To sample the game we go banger racing on the Gravel 1 track with with the GTX 970, 980 and 1060.

Wreckfest is a great mix of proper driving and all-out mayhem, once you are bitten by the banger bug you just can't stop playing. By the game's very nature frame rate can vary considerably - fighting in the middle of a feisty grid is much more demanding than driving in clean air. Despite all this, frame times are very packed and tidy. 1440p and maxed out settings are pretty fine with the GTX 1060, it even beats the GTX 980. We will keep an eye on the game, and I bet the NV driver team will have a look at it when the game approaches release status.