GT 1030 vs RX 550 Frame Time Analysis w/ G4560 - Crysis 3 [POST-HUMAN]

The Crysis titles are not just regular AAA FPS shooters for PC gamers, these games were the de facto benchmarks for GPU hardware for years. Crysis 3, released back in 2013, is powered by CryEngine 3 and depicts a stunningly detailed post-apocalyptic New York City with state of the art graphical effect: volumetric fog shadows, dynamic vegetation, area lighting. Can an entry-level system featuring the Pentium G4560 and the RX 550 / GT 1030 dGPUs cope with all these cutting-edge technologies?

1080p resolution with medium quality settings seemed to be the sweet-spot for the dGPUs. Indoor section favors the AMD RX 550, meanwhile looking down on New York City is a wash between the cards.