A12-9800 vs A10-7860K Frame Time Analysis - AMD APUs w/ R7 Graphics - F1 2017 [BENCHMARK - ITALIAN GP]

After much delay AMD has finally released its new APU platform. Is it worth investing in A12-9800 for integrated graphics enthusiasts or is Bristol Ridge just a filler product before the Ryzen-based Raven Ridge APUs? To kick-start our A12-9800 vs A10-7860K series we jump behind the wheel of Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari in F1 2017 and go racing in Monza. Utilizing the game's built-in benchmark we compare our FM2+ and AM4 mITX builds at 720p, medium settings.

It might be still early days for the A12 as the new APU struggles to maintain consistent frame times, in comparison, the older Kaveri offers a noticeably smoother experience. All-in-all, the BR system scores 4% higher average but the stuttering really hurts the overall picture. We are eager to see if AMD can provide a fix for the issue.