GT 1030 vs RX 550 Frame Time Analysis w/ G4560 - Grand Theft Auto V [BENCHMARK]

GTA V still reigns as one of the best games of all time as no new game did manage to challenge the tremendous scale and fine detail of Rockstar's virtual world. Many advanced core game technologies make it possible to seamlessly traverse the living, breathing city of Los Santos and its surrounding hills, countryside and beaches - it's always interesting how new hardware can handle all the action in the vast city of San Andreas. Let's find out how the recently released sub-75W GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA paired with a Pentium G4560 perform in the built-in benchmark of the game!

To do not exceed the frame buffer size of the cards we opted to set every graphics option to High except for Texture Quality at 1080p resolution. Usually NVIDIA dGPUs outperform their AMD rival in the same performance bracket in this game, but this time around the RX 550 has the upper hand over the GT 1030. Interesting to note that the Polaris card has a 10% advantage, but for the last stint in the city centre - the frame times get a little messy as well there.