RX 550 vs A10-7890K APU Frame Time Analysis - Battlefield 1 DX11 [EMPIRE'S EDGE]

Many of you have requested to pair the RX 550 with the A10 instead of the i3 to see what sort of improvement one can expect should one upgrade his/her AMD APU build with an entry-level GPU. After 2 racing titles, we check out how the RX 550 performs in tandem with the A10-7890K in BF1. Our map for this episode is Emipre's Edge, which takes place during the Battle of Vittorio Veneto. Note that DICE deploys weather effects to increase immersion - EE has sunny, overcast, gusty wind and thunderstorm variants. As all recordings were captured with the sunny, late afternoon theme the slight shading variation can be attributed to cloud effects.

The results fall in line with our previous findings, at 720p and medium quality preset the difference is around 2.2x in favor of the discrete GPU, just as in the Argonne Forest benchmark run. The frame times are relatively smooth, although the RX 550 had some problems around the Vila section. The DX12 results were omitted for a reason - enabling the explicit API caused major stuttering. Interestingly, a quick run around Argonne Forest and Sinai Desert didn't exhibit any major hitching, so the issue is confined to this specific map. I hope to demonstrate the frame times between the 2 APIs in a separate video and we may revisit Empire's Edge in the future with more hardware configurations to investigate whether different CPU-GPU setups exhibit the same kind of behaviour.