GT 1030 vs GTX 750 Ti Frame Time Analysis w/ G4560 - Wreckfest Early Access June Update [SANDPIT 3]

THQ Nordic joined forces with Bugbear to help Wreckfest get out of Early Access status. It's really great news for banger racing fans as the development of the game has been dragging since 2013. After a failed Kickstarter campaign, the developers joined Steam's Early Access initiative and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Since then, the game has received numerous updates and fixes, but it was always far from a complete game. Nevertheless, it was and still extremely rewarding to duck it out with these demolition derby-style cars.

In chaotic games like this it is always hard to record similar runs - the number of cars at display has a huge impact on performance, it destroys the frame rate. It will be interesting two see what kind of graphical or performance improvements will take place under the commanding eyes of THQ Nordic.