GT 1030 vs GTX 750 Ti Frame Time Analysis w/ G4560 - F1 2016 [BENCHMARK - AZERBAIJAN GP]

In this video series we set to benchmark Nvidia's sub-75W, only PCIe bus powered dGPUs, the Maxwell based GTX 750Ti and the Pascal based GT 1030. Both MSI cards have the same small form factor and are perfect for HTPCs as they fit into virtually any case and no additional power connectors are required. The GTX 750Ti marked the launch of the Maxwell architecture, whereas the GT 1030 is the latest addition to the Pascal line-up of dGPUs. On paper the 750Ti has a lot more raw horsepower, it has 66% more CUDA cores. Nevertheless, the 1.5 generation jump in microarchitecture and the process shrink to 14 nm means that the GT 1030 can reach similar performance levels as the GTX 750 Ti.

To get things going, we complete the first lap around the Baku City Circuit in F1 2016. The spectacular track is located around the historic city centre and combines technical sectors with extreme straights. With 720p resolution and medium quality preset the difference is 20% between these two entry-level, affordable cards.