RX 550 vs A10-7890K APU Frame Time Analysis - DiRT 4 [AUSTRALIA]

Previous rally-themed games from Codemasters played really well on entry-level PC builds. This time AMD's strongest APU takes on the RX 550 on the Blaxlands Creek stage in the recently released DiRT 4.

At 720p and medium quality preset the A10 just didn't have the horse-power to keep up with the RX 550. I would like to point out that we got similar stutter pattern to the RX 580 - it's not something that really throws you off mid-stage, but if you have an eye for it you may notice some judder here and there. Moreover, visually the game is not a real step-up compared to DiRT 3 or DiRT Rally, with similar image quality settings the APU was able to maintain a much higher frame rate in previous games.