RX 550 vs A10-7890K APU Frame Time Analysis - HITMAN (2016) DX11 & DX12 [PARIS & SAPIENZA]

We follow the footsteps of Agent 47 in the Paris and Sapienza missions in HITMAN with AMD's strongest integrated graphics solution and the recently released RX 550. IO Interactive's Glacier engine supports DirectX 12 as well, the developers wanted to improve CPU and GPU performance with the explicit API.

Rather interesting results were obtained on both configurations. The A10-7890K was able to produce much tighter frame times with DX12 enabled, especially where there's not many NPCs to render - DX12 shows improved frame rates throughout the benchmarks scenes. The frame times are much smoother with DX12 on the dGPU-equipped system as well, but oddly enough, on NPC-heavy scenes DX12 loses performance compared to DX11. The micro stutter that is observable on the graphs on DX11 are either very minor or not very perceptible with slow camera motions - didn't notice any strange jerkiness when recording.