RX 550 vs A10-7890K APU Frame Time Analysis - DOOM OpenGL & Vulkan [FOUNDRY]

In this video series we will find out what's the real difference between gaming on an APU versus an entry level graphics card. AMD has just released the company's smallest Polaris SKU - the RX 550 - sporting just 8 compute units. Interestingly, AMD's biggest APU yet, the A10-7890K has the same amount of streaming processors with 2nd gen GCN architecture and dual-channel DDR3 memory controller.

DOOM was the first major title to support Vulkan, the next generation, explicit, cross platfrom 3D rendering API developed by the Khronos Group. The game utilizes new Vulkan API features and extension like asynchronous shaders and shader intrinsics, promoted by AMD. Both the RX 550 and the integrated R7 graphics benefit massively from Vulkan, the discrete GPU is more than 50% faster than the APU in this modern, well-optimized game.