Intel i3 Integrated Graphics - HD 530 vs HD 630 Frame Time Analysis - Rise of the Tomb Raider [MOUNTAIN PEAK]

In this video series we set to benchmark Intel's latest mainstream CPUs, the Skylake based i3-6100 and the KabyLake based i3-7100. We are going to evaluate the performance of the integrated graphics portion of the chip with a good mix of old and newer games.

First up is Rise of The Tomb Raider, we play through the initial section of the game as Lara starts his quest in search for the Lost City. In this modern title the HD Graphics has a hard time maintaining playable frame rates even on the lowest possible setting at 720p resolution. The HD Graphics 630 gains 7% over its predecessor, although it is only a couple of FPS the gameplay is noticeable smoother on the i3-7100.