RX 580 vs RX 480 Frame Time Analysis - Battlefield 1 Spring Update DX11 & DX12 [SINAI DESERT]

We take another look at the performance of Battlefield 1 with both DirectX versions. Additionally, we compare Sapphire's best cards based on the Polaris 10 SKU. This time around we go for a horse ride around the stunning Sinai Desert level.

In our previous BF1 benchmarks with RX 480 we got fairly high frame rate in 1080p, so we upped the resolution to 1440p by adjusting the Resolution Scale slider to 133% - Crimson Relive 17.4.x broke VSR, unfortunately. Enabling DX12 means around 4% uplift, the beefed-up Polar 10 is ~5% faster around Sinai Desert.