A10-7860K vs i3-6100 Frame Time Analysis - Tomb Raider (2013)

BoostClock was set in motion 9 month ago with a Tomb Raider & Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor video. Somehow the video is still going strong, actually, it is our most viewed video of all time. Thanks for that! We decided to retire the small form-factor Kaveri versus Skylake series, check out our Twitter page for a nice disassemble photo. We recorded this farewell video for our enthusiastic APU fans, don't get too emotional! :D

We wanted to test more games, but unfortunately, our capture solution just can't receive the proper resolution from the i3 from a great number of games. Both of the systems will be updated - hopefully, we can get proper BIOS for the Gigabyte Z170N board as the latest beta has big regression for workloads that utilize the integrated graphics - yes, the board will have a Kaby Lake CPU. Stay tuned!

The A10-7860K APU is still going strong as Lara starts her adventures on the Yamatai island!