Unigine Superposition Graphics Comparison - GTX 980 [Medium / High / Extreme] [1080p] [BENCHMARK]

In this new video series we would like to demonstrate what kind of performance drop / increase occur with different quality presets and other graphics settings and how it translates to better / worse image quality. I am confident that this video format will be especially useful in pointing out how some settings can really stress the system and destroy frame rates for minimal improvement in visuals.

The sole purpose of Unigine's Superposition is to stress the hell out of the most advanced dGPUs and the side-by-side videos reveal very little upgrade in graphical fidelity with more taxing presets. The developers made a great job with the Medium setting - materials, shading and effects all look fine. On the other hand, the Extreme preset only offers sharper shadows and finer details when lighting is limited. The jump between Medium to High results in a 40% decrease in frame rates, while upping the quality preset to Extreme more than doubles the update interval of the GPU.