GTX 1060 vs RX 480 Frame Time Analysis - Unigine Superposition v1.0 DX11 [BENCHMARK]

Unigine has finally released its long-awaited GPU stress-testing tool / benchmark, Superposition. The new iteration supersedes Heaven and Valley, and features screen-space ray-tracing global illumination technique (SSRTGI) to bring an abandoned classroom to life with multiple light sources. Unfortunately, there's no DX12 or Vulkan option, developers will add explicit APIs in the future.

The mighty visuals tax even the most advanced and powerful GPUs, we went for 1080p resolution and high preset for the mainstream cards of AMD and NVIDIA to get decent frame rates. Interestingly enough, neither AMD nor NVIDIA made special drivers for the release of the application - we used the latest available from both vendors. The GTX 1060 have a clear 10% advantage over the RX 480 - will be interesting to check back how the situation develops as more APIs are added to the mix.

While the video was being finalized, AMD released Crimson ReLive Edition 17.4.2 - haven't noticed any significant uplift in performance.