ASUS A320M-C w/ AMD A12-9800 R7 - Tom Clancy's The Division DX11 vs DX12 [BENCHMARK]

In this short preview we analyse the performance of the upcoming AMD Bristol Ridge APU platform in the built-in benchmark of Tom Clancy's The Division. AMD has not official released the 7th generation APUs for the desktop market, but we still managed to get our hands on an entry level system - keep in mind, there is no official support or drivers for this board, so final performance could improve.

Compared to our two SFF systems the new Bristol Ridge board beats the older Kaveri based APU by 9%. AMD gains slightly using the DX12 renderer. Intel's i3-6100 can't keep up the pace with the competition, using DX12 only makes matters worse ...

The results in the bar chart diagram are the values that the game reports back after the completion of the benchmark, hence the somewhat different numbers compared to the Frame Time Analysis overall results.