GTX 1060 vs RX 480 Frame Time Analysis - WRC 6 [RALLY MEXICO]

This weekend WRC visits Mexico, the first gravel event of 2017. To be in sync with the real event, we tackle the Los Mexicanos special stage behind the wheel of Ott Tanak's Ford Fiesta RS WRC in WRC 6. Los Mexicanos is a great combination of high speed sections with some really challenging twisty part in the middle. As usual, our benchmark setup is composed of a selection of different camera positions - cockpit, bumper, heli and chase.

As the game is not that hard on the GPU - even with the highest quality preset - we enabled Super Sampling Anti-Aliasing (SSAA) in the drivers' control panel and upped the resolution to 4K. The GTX1060 cross the finish line first, it leads the RX480 by 8%.