i3-6100 HD Graphics 530 Frame Time Analysis - Battlefield 1 DX11 vs DX12

With latest gfx driver from Intel, and updated game code from DICE, we investigate the performance of the i3-6100 processor choosing DX11 and DX12 renderers.

Although Intel's Skylake platform has the most complete DX12 feature level compared to other GPU vendors, its performance in BF1 leaves a lot to be desired. DX11 has more than 20% lead over DX12 and both frame time graphs indicate severe stuttering. We made some runs on i3 in games which supports both APIs, and our finding in BF1 coincides with other benchmark results: in its current state DX12 doesn't offer any benefit over DX11 on Intel iGPs. Leave a comment if you would like to see more DirectX performance comparisons on the i3-6100. Can't wait to test BF1 on A10, still waiting for an updated BF1 ready APU driver from AMD, hopefully, sooner rather than later.