A10-7860K Frame Time Analysis - Battlefield 1 Beta DX11 vs DX12

DICE's Frostbite game engine is renowned for delivering advanced rendering techniques with exceptional scalability, so naturally, we were very keen to test the latest iteration of Battlefield, Battlefield 1. Unfortunately, a long-standing compatibility issue between our Skylake setup and capture card is preventing us from recording 720p Intel footage, so this time around it's an AMD APU only test. We take a horse ride around the Sinai Desert level and compare the performance of the two available APIs. Although we got excellent frame per second values on both runs, we experienced lots of stutter, occasional, but severe drops – the frame time graphs really exposes how bad it is.

Don't forget that the game is a beta release and it's DX12 codepath is not polished / ready. Moreover, AMD hasn't released an APU driver since late July. If they can significantly reduce the deal-breaker jerkiness, the game may perform well on integrated graphics.