Welcome to BoostClock!

After much delay, BoostClock is finally live! It took forever to sort everything out and there will be always something that we can improve upon, but here we go!


We intend to provide in-depth performance reviews on games and compute applications. Our aim is to offer thorough and accessible analyses across a wide variety of hardware configurations. The “w/o the BS" philosophy that underpins our content creation is all about providing every important detail regarding the configurations and the software we test with minimal distractions. We do our very best to showcase the results in a straightforward manner, so we do not feel the need to add voice overs to the videos. Additionally, we want to please not only the tech-savvy enthusiasts, but also the gamers looking for pure game-footage. In the future, as we develop our workflow and additional requirements arise, we may opt to include voice overs, but our philosophy will certainly not change. We are always on the look for developing our methodology and present additional hardware / software parameters that may have an influence on the numbers we get.

The first wave

First off, if you had enough of the GTX 1060 vs RX 480 performance debate, you may find our iGPU vs APU showdown refreshing. We picked a SoC from both Intel (i3-6100) and AMD (A10-7860K), and built slim, small form-factor rigs around them. In the first batch of videos we will be concentrating on older DX11 titles. From the outset, we thought that performance reviews of integrated graphics are a great way to set BoostClock in motion – they provide something unique and buzz-worthy, plus we didn't have to break the bank.

Future plans

As soon as we figure out how to adapt our benchmark framework to incorporate DX12 / Vulkan games, we will extend our gaming suite and will take a look at the performance of integrated graphics under the new, low-level APIs. We cannot wait to extend our array of SoCs with some new, exciting models – Intel's Skull Canyon NUC and AMD's Bristol Ridge line-up is definitely on our radar. Naturally, we are very keen to build up a dGPU army, but it will take some time and effort…

We are hopeful that you will enjoy your stay at BoostClock and will find our reviews and videos valuable and nice to look at. Until we do not boost our homepage with much needed features (forum, CMS, …), I encourage everyone to share their suggestions and ideas under our YouTube videos or drop us a line at info at boostclock dot com. Enjoy the ride!